I'm So Glad You're Here....

Thank you for visiting Complete Health and Fitness.  Acceptance and support are a large part of who we are.  No one should feel uncomfortable about exercise and where they are in their personal weight loss journey.

Why Me..?

I've created a community where EVERYONE is welcome.


It seems obvious that most gyms are designed for people who are already fit... not for people trying to become fit.  It results in an uncomfortable environment.


At Complete Health and Fitness we have FUN!  You'll have a great workout and never feel self-conscious -- because we all come together with a common goal...


What is Fitness?

What really is "fitness" you may ask?


In the real world, fitness is about taking action to become healthier, stronger and more capable in your everyday life.


I use equipment such as dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls and TRX trainers.  I also make good use of the absolute best equipment of all - your own body - to get you in your best possible shape!


Results from my protocol and fitness programming have helped clients lose 30, 40, 50, 60.... to well over 100 pounds!


How We'll Do It Together...


Together we'll accomplish your goals by creating fun and motivating workouts -- that you ENJOY doing!


Then, we'll constantly switch things up so you'll never be bored or stuck at a plateau.


Regardless of whether you're full-time professional athlete or a person who has difficulty standing on your own two feet, together we will design the most effective and efficient protocol that works for YOU!

Clients Love What I Offer

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    Group Classes and Private Sessions

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    Nutritional Programming and Guidance

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What They Say...


Paul Allen

Kelsey is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. His company profile is very convenient and successful.

I managed to lose 90 pounds with his help. Funny guy too. 


Bernie Wertheimer

Kelsey developed an exercise plan to enable me to lose enough weight (80lbs) to have knee replacement surgery. He is kind and understanding to those of us that shudder at the thought of going to a gym. I would definitely recommend him!


Yashraj Jayaraj Digge

I have been working with Kelsey since 2018. I started out morbidly obese and over the years have managed to lose close to 50Kg (110 lbs) and make gains at the gym. I am glad to have him as a trainer and would recommend his training wholeheartedly


Complete Health and Fitness

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