Stress… The Great Reality Check!


Oh yes, if you’re past the age of five, you probably already know all about stress. 


No matter whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, male or female, stress is a part of your life. 


And, the more we tend to modernize our living, the more intense the stress becomes. 


But, you can actually use stress as a “life indicator.”   In other words, let it become the red flashing light that indicates “danger” and it’s time to resolve it. 


Let it become your instant reality check and motivator. 


Use Stress to Fight Stress!


What can you do to relieve your stress-filled life?


Well, one of the best ways to fight stress is to use a different kind of stress.  That is, physical stress.  


Yes, exercise!


When stress begins to take over your life, one of the first bodily reactions is muscle contraction — followed by numerous physiological changes that affect your emotional and rational wellbeing. 


If ever there was a time you need something to change this physical and mental state it is NOW. 


You need something that makes you feel good — like some solid physical activity. 


Did you know that every time you exercise you increase your body’s production of endorphins. 


And, in case you’ve forgotten, endorphins are responsible for those good moods you feel after an intense workout or a long run.  


Beyond endorphins, exercise will help relax all your tense muscles – allowing for a calming effect throughout your entire body. 


Any and all exercise you perform helps you fend off the effects of stress.

So whether you enjoy jogging, lifting weights, playing basketball, practicing ballet, swimming, yoga, rowing, or boxing, simply moving your body with intensity will significantly reduce your stress. 


But, There’s More…


If you’re already working out hard, but, not getting the stress relief you want then it might be time to change the game. 


If you perform repetitive workouts like lifting weights five days a week, you should consider adding a new activity such as running, cycling or tennis a couple days a week. 


Likewise, you’re typically performing cardio every day, it may be time to hit the weight room and start stressing the muscles in a different way. 


Another smart way to reduce your stress is to maintain a diary or journal of your daily activities.  Track your own progress. 


The simple act of writing down how long and hard you exercise, the weights you lift and the steps you make toward a goal will reinforce the mind-body connection to reduce stress.    


Take pictures along the way as well. Then look back over your journal on occasion. 


Seeing and feeling the progress toward your goals will put your stress in its place and allow you to move forward with confidence.