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Tuition for this same course offered at colleges and universities is over $1,500.


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FINALLY… A Scientific, No-Nonsense, Easy-to-Understand Course on
How Your Body Really Works!

Listen... whether you're a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast or someone attempting to lose weight and feel healthy...  you deal with the "real world." 


And, that's exactly what Onboard 101 is all about.   It's real.  It's science.


It's the truth about how your body actually functions as it relates to food and activity.


Beyond the Marketing Hype...

You've seen all the marketing hype on television, in print and all over the internet.  From pills to powders to programs... the unscrupulous, greedy "quick-fix" weight-loss marketers take advantage of consumer confusion in order to profit from bogus programs and products. 


Onboard 101 will put an end to any confusion you might have about proper nutrition and productive exercise. 


Upon completion of this online course, YOU will finally be empowered with the knowledge to permanently manage your overall health, fitness and weight for the rest of your life!

Easy to Learn - Interactive with Videos

This proprietary course is a 12-module, interactive, online curriculum that explains basic physiology --  in lay terms -- and the important balance between nutrition and physical activity.


Onboard 101 includes 35 videos that allow you to simply follow along... on any device, at any time, anywhere in the world. 


You'll Benefit From the 10 TRUTHS:

  • TRUTH #1

    You'll learn the truth about athletic performance, weight-loss and overall health -- and, why conventional diets don't work... never did, never will.

  • TRUTH #2

    You'll learn why healthy weight is all about body composition as in lean mass vs.  body-fat %.  Pounds-on-the-scale are meaningless as a metric for health.

  • TRUTH #3

    You'll discover how to boost your own metabolism resulting in higher energy and increased fat-burning.

  • TRUTH #4

    You'll quickly understand why low calorie diets actually cause your body to lose lean mass, gain fat and slow you down, significantly.

  • TRUTH #5

    You'll learn what kind of aerobic training is best for overall health, fat-loss and endurance.

  • TRUTH #6

    And, then, you'll learn how anaerobic training will help you increase strength, gain muscle and burn fat.

  • TRUTH #7

    You'll know exactly what type of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are best for maximum energy, muscle gain and fat loss.

  • TRUTH #8

    You'll learn the function and benefits of every vitamin and mineral  -- and the food sources needed to get them all.

  • TRUTH #9

    You'll discover how your digestive tract actually works and why it's critical for your healthy metabolism.

  • TRUTH #10

    You already know stress is harmful. But, now, you'll learn how to recognize and manage the different types of mental and physical stress - from the daily pressures to full-blown crisis.

Knowledge is Power!

The Onboard 101 curriculum is organized to provide you with the maximum amount of knowledge in the least amount of time.  The modules include: 

  • Chapter 1: Basic Physiology

  • Chapter 2: Digestion

  • Chapter 3: Carbohydrates

  • Chapter 4: Protein

  • Chapter 5: Fats

  • Chapter 6: Aerobic Activity

  • Chapter 7: Anaerobic Activity

  • Chapter 8: Vitamins

  • Chapter 9: Minerals

  • Chapter 10: Weight Training

  • Chapter 11: Stress

  • Chapter 12: Food


Tuition for this same course offered at colleges and universities is over $1,500.


Just $49