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Here is your opportunity to learn the basics of CPR from the comfort of your own home with the nationally accredited company Pro Trainings.


Pro Trainings follows all of the same guidelines set forth from the American Heart Association. These CPR/AED courses will be led by Life Savers CPR, a locally owned and operated company.


Unleash the Life-Saver Within You -

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Experience the Power of Blended Learning - The Perfect
Balance of Online Convenience & Practical Real-Life Training

Hey Friend,

Picture this:  you're in a room where someone suddenly collapses.


I’ve seen this and heard about this happening more times than I would like.


Panic sets in... but not for you.




Because you're trained, ready, and confident enough to handle this life-threatening situation.



Welcome to the power of
Pro Trainings' CPR/AED Certification.

We are nationally accredited, strictly adhering to the American Heart Association guidelines.


All our courses are led by Life Savers CPR - a company that's not just a business but a commitment, locally owned and operated, with a focus on creating a community of lifesavers.


👉  Here's the secret to your transformation:
Our innovative
Blended Learning System.


This isn't your typical "watch a video, pass a test, get a certificate" kind of course.




We understand the importance of a hands-on approach.


That's why we offer a blend of online learning - yes, you can study in your jammies - coupled with in-person training on professional, interactive mannequins that provide a real-life simulation.


You'll feel the adrenaline rush, the urgency, the responsibility - you'll know exactly what it's like to be in a real emergency situation.

What You'll Learn

Upon completing this journey with us, you'll not only be a certified lifesaver but also carry a deep understanding of key emergency response procedures and principles, including:

✅  Good Samaritan Laws:  How to assist while staying within the law

✅  Chain of Survival:  The process from incident to emergency medical help

✅  Universal Precautions:  How to protect yourself and others

✅  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation:  Techniques for Adults, Children, Infants

✅  Compression Only CPR:  When breaths aren't an option

✅  Recovery Position:  Post-CPR procedures

✅  Choking Techniques:  What to do when breath is at stake

✅  Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training:  Mastering the lifesaving machine

We've designed our courses to meet the requirements of almost all workplaces. You can choose from:

👉  Basic Lay Rescuer

👉  Healthcare Provider

👉  Bloodborne Pathogen


Choose from our affordable course offerings to best suit your needs:

❤️  Heart Saver/Lay rescuer (Adult only) $40

❤️  Pediatric CPR (Child/Infant) + $10

❤️  First Aid + $20

❤️  BLS/Healthcare Provider $50

❤️  BLS First Aid + $20

❤️  First Aid Only $40

✅  Group Rates are Available
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With Pro Trainings, you don't just learn to save lives - you become the beacon of safety in your community.


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To Saving Lives,
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